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Aluminium Doors

Sliding Doors, Palace Doors, Folding-Sliding Doors & Swing Doors

Sliding doors are great for big spaces. Especially folding-sliding doors. All door panels are stacked to one side and you have a great opening to enjoy free flowing traffic and air. For limited spaces or a different option, aluminium swing doors can also be installed. Swing doors are fitted with a full glass panel, or it may include a louvred bottom and glass top, or the entire panel may be a solid aluminium louvred panel. Swing doors can also be made into stable doors. 

Palace doors, or folding-sliding doors, can open from the centre or from one side, and Palace sliding doors can open from the centre and both sides. There is a lot of versatility within one design.

All Palace doors are custom made, so be sure to send us a list of your openings for a custom quote. We are also available to come out to your site to take measurements if you prefer. 

Feel free to contact us for more details.

Aluminium Sliding Door – Standard Size Schedule

Standard colours – white, natural & bronze

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Aluminium Doors

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Pivot Front Door & Glass Panelling

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Palace Sliding door with Sidelight

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Folding-Sliding door with panelling

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