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Garage Door Motors & Gate Motors

Never has it been so easy to get into your house without having to stand in the rain, struggling to get the lock open. Or coming home late at night and having to get out of the car to open both the gate and the garage door. Imagine you are not home and your loved one needs to do that late at night. Not such a good idea.

With door and gate automation, it makes tedious jobs easier. Whether you need a garage door motor or gate motor, we will be happy to help you make life easier for everyone in the household.

Below you will find a few comparisons about the different motors and what they can do. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Tip-Up Garage Door Motors


The DC Blue is a 24 Volt DC lightweight garage door motor. With a size of just 355mm x 210mm x 115mm in height, it is the smallest, compact motor available.

The motor is suitable for domestic tip-up doors and sectional overhead doors. Operating the machine is easy with an automatic close function and fitted with an onboard receiver to open and close the door by means of a remote control or transmitter. 

The motor is also fitted with safety beam inputs and battery backup. Transmitters are available in 1, 2, 4 & 6 buttons 

garage door motor

Tip-Up Garage Door Mootor

garage door motor

Tip-Up/ Sectional Garage Door Motor

DC-Blue Advanced

The DC Blue Advanced has a 220-240V, 50Hz-60Hz input voltage. It’s not battery dependant but can include a battery. It has a 2 channel built-in receiver and has a maximum pulling force of 1000N. 

The maximum recommended door size is 40m2, and can a 40kgf running load.

You can select an automatic closing time and, for added security, opt for the optional electronic lock control. The motor is constructed with a metal chasis and gears. The 7 segment LED display makes for easy programing and fault finding.

Roll-Up Garage Door Motors

DC-Blue Advanced Roll-Up

Suitable for domestic garage doors, the DC Blue Advanced is easy to set up with no physical limit switches. It has battery back-up but is not battery dependant. Therefore it can be used with or without a battery.

The motor is most suited for doors no larger than 8m2 – a one-piece Aluzinc or Cromadek roll-up door.The input voltage is 220V, 50Hz with a 24V toroidal transformer. The maximum running load is 40Nm, but is dependant on many other factors including battery health, door load, voltage and environmental factors.

As with the tip-up motor, this motor also comes with transmitters available in 1, 2, 4 or 6 buttons.

garage door motor

Roll-Up Garage Door Motor

gate motor

Centurion D5 Gate Motor

Gate Automation

Centurion D5-Evo Gate Motor

The D5 Gate motor is a standard, but effective gate motor for domestic or industrial use. The input voltage is 90-240V, 50Hz with a 12V DC motor voltage. It is battery driven – 2A Charger. The gate weight it can handle is up to 500kg. The pull force is up to 17kgf.

One of the great benefits of this motor is that it can run off a solar supply. For estates, it is possible to load up to 500 transmitter buttons. If the duty cycle runs at 50%, the machine can run maximum 150 times a day.







Various Transmitters / Senders

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