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Below we outlined the differences between the cement options. Each cement category offers different characteristics and is used for different projects. The most common cement being used is SureCem and SureBuild. Both are for general or multipurpose use. The main difference between the two is the strength class. This, in turn, influences the amount of cement required. Please keep in mind that even though SureCem might be slightly less expensive, more of it is required to make up a specific volume, compared to SureBuild.

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SURECEM from PPC cement is the most common and generally used cement in the range. Its versatility includes applications like DIY projects, plaster, bricks, mortar & concrete. It was previously known as IDM.

  • Strength class 32,5 R 
  • SANS 50197-1
  • Identified as CEM II/A 32,5 (contains an extender between 6-20%)
  • Identified as CEM II/B 32,5 R (contains an extender between 21-35%)
  • Variety in extender is dependant on the factory source.



PPC Cement SureBuild is a multi-purpose, general-use cement. It has many of the same properties and applications as the SureChem, but has a higher strength class over a 28 day period. In addition, less of the SureBuild is required to fulfill an application, compared to SureChem which has a strength class of 32.5. SureBuild is also suitable for DIY projects, paving, masonry products, concrete, plaster and so forth, 

  • Compatible with extenders such as limestone, fly-ash & blast-furnace
  • Strength class 42,5 N
  • SANS 50197-1
  • CEM II/A 42.5 N (extender content – 6-20%)
  • CEM II/B 42.5 N ( extender content 20-35%)



For best application use PPC Cement Surecast in concrete projects such as reinforcements, masonry projects, precast pressed concrete, etc.

  • For precast concrete applications
  • High early strength cement
  • Manufactured with ground gypsum 
  • Commercial chemical admixture compatible
  • Mineral extender compatible
  • Extenders include GGBS, GGCS & fly-ash
  • Strength class of 42.4 R
  • SANS 50197-1 compliant (CEM I 42,5 R)


PPC Cement Surewall 22,5 X is a masonry cement. It does not contain air-entraining agents. It contains ground gypsum and limestone extender. Not suitable for concrete applications. 

  • Suitable for mortar & plaster applications
  • Includes gypsum and limestone extender
  • Improves workability
  • Improves cohesiveness
  • Beter retention of water
  • Reduces risk of cracking & crazing
  • Improves surface finish
  • SANS 50413-1 strength class grading, 22,5 MPa (MC 22,5 X)



PPC Cement SURETECH is a specialist cement that is developed specifically for larger projects such as civils & ready-mix. It is not ideal for DY projects. The cement has been developed to promotes a cost-effective product for high-end concrete with a superior high strength performance.

  • Suitable for blending
  • Use extenders such as fly-ash (FA), ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) & silica fume (CSF)
  • Strength class 52,5 N
  • SANS 50197-1 
  • Identified as CEM I 52,5 N or (0-5% minor addition constituent)
  • CEM II/A-S 52,5 N (6-20% GGCS extender – Factory dependent)



PPC Cement SureRoad is specifically designed to promote excellent road-stabilization properties. It is compatible with extenders like limestone, fly-ash, and blast-furnace.

  • Designed to reduce road plasticity index (PI);
  • Improve Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS)
  • Improve Indirect Tensile Strength (ITS) of host material
  • Enhances road durability
  • Performs well with soil classes G5 and G6
  • Performs well with road strength classes C3 and C4
  • Strength Class 32,5 N
  • SANS 50197-1
  • Test before determining optimum cement type – UCS (MPa) and ITS (MPa) 

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