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Corrugated Roof Sheets

Most of the Victorian styled houses have corrugated roof sheets and in recent years have been more extensively used for wall cladding. Not only for warehouses, but for homes as well. The sheets are a sinusoidal profile and have plenty of great benefits like, they are:

  • easy to install
  • easy to fix
  • cost-effective
  • relative strength

One of the downsides of the sheets are that they are not designed to cover roofs with a 15deg or lower pitch. Especially if the sheets are covering a 15m length. Should you wish to continue to use these sheets on this type of roof structure, it is recommended that a double-layer sheeting is used, including a waterproofing sealant in between each layer. This will ultimately reduce the span of the width from 762mm to 686mm.

Roof Sheet Specifications

  •  cover width of 762mm
  • ± 5mm length tolerance
  • ± 3mm width tolerance
  • lengths available from 0.3m – 13.2m
  • longer sheets (up to 20m) are available on special order

Purlin Spacings

Please consult with a structural engineer regarding the purlin spacings as each application and requirement is different. Environmental factors play a role the spacing placement as well. The graph below is intended to be a GUIDELINE only. 

Curved Corrugated Sheets

Curved roof sheeting is also available. Choose between an S-curved sheet or a normal curved sheet. 

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