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Deciding which floor to install is dependant on your requirements. With the vast range of options available to you it is sometimes hard to decide which direction to go. If tiles are your prefered method of floor installations, we offer a wide variety of floor tiles, bathroom tiles and wall tiles. we also stock items such as grout, corner blocks, tile cutters and everything else required to lay tiles. We also supply everything needed for laminated flooring and vinyl flooring. 

Below we outlined some more options for your consideration. Have a browse through the brochures or visit us in-store to check out some of the samples.

Laminated Flooring

Not only does laminate flooring lend a certain amount of warmth to your home, but it is shock absorbent which makes sit more preferable than tiles. A great advantage of laminated flooring is the ability to include underfloor heating as well.

Floor Specifications

  •  10mm thickness
  • 3D surface
  • express click-in system with a V-groove in all 4 sides
  • 20year warranty in a home living space

Follow these links for specific ranges:

Arum Flooring       *      Ferrum Flooring      *      Platinum Flooring

For more examples of the different flooring ranges, please click on the image. Please be patient while page loads.

laminated flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has become a new generation must-have. It is warmer than tiling and softer underfoot.

Make Up

SPC flooring consists of natural Lime Stone powder, PVC Resin and Stabilizer to create a strong stable composite. Flooring is consists of 6 layers to form a strong and stable composite. These layers include:

  • fibreglass
  • Unilin click PVC
  • durable decor printing film
  • Cork

The vinyl displays a beautiful embossed design and has a super-strong UV coating. This is the new generation of floor covering and exceeds standard laminate flooring.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring 

  • waterproof – great in kitchens, bathrooms & storage units
  • fire retardant – produces no toxic or harmful gases
  • safe & sustainable
  • no mildew & anti-bacterial
  • keeps its shape and stability in extreme temperature situations
  • overall 0.06% expansion or shrinkage
  • indentation resistant
  • click & lock-in system – no glue needed
  • beneficial for acoustic areas

Vinyl Specifications:

  • 4mm thickness
  • 0.3mm wear layer
  • 180mm x 220mm
  • 1.8kg per sheet
  • 8.2kg per sqm
vinyl flooring

Code AP8001

vinyl flooring

Code AP8681

vinyl flooring

Code AP8683

vinyl flooring

Code AP11710

vinyl flooring

Code AP89721

vinyl flooring

Code AP88914

vinyl flooring


vinyl flooring


vinyl flooring


Skirting Mouldings

Beautiful Vinyl Flooring

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