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Garage Doors

There are 3 main types of Garage Doors that are generally used in the domestic or household sector and industrial sectors, Roll-Up, Tip-Up and Sectional Overhead Garage Doors. All Doors can be motorized.

Different style doors include:

  • Aluminum, Wooden & Fibreglass Tip-up Garage Doors
  • Aluminum, Wooden & Fibreglass ┬áSectional Overhead Garage Doors
  • Metal Roll-Up Garage Doors
  • Heavy Duty Metal Industrial Roll-Up Doors
tip-up garage door

Tip-Up Garage Door

Tip-Up Garage Doors are available in 4 different materials: Wood, Metal, Fibreglass and Aluminium. The single doors standard sizes are 2.4 x 2.1 and double doors are 4.8 x 2.1

Alternative text: aluminium garage door, wooden garage door, fireglass garage door, aluminium tip-up door

tip-up garage door
sectional garage door
sectional garage door

Sectional Doors

Sectional Overhead Garage Door panels slide into the headroom section by section. Low heardoom kits are available to accomodate very low ceilings.
These doors are available in the same materials as Tip-Up Garage Door namely: Wood, Metal, Fibreglass and Aluminium. Standard sizes are 2.4 x 2.1 and 4.8 x 2.1.

roll-up garage door

Metal Roll Up Door

These Metal Roll-Up Doors are a good fit for a tight budget. However, they do not quite stand the test of time in areas close to the coast. Rather opt for a standard tip-up or sectional door. Roll-Up doors are available in standard brown or white. Standard sizes are 2.4 x 2.1 for a single door.

roll-up garage door
roller shutter door

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial Roll-Up Doors and normal Roll-Up Doors work the same way.
The difference is that the domestic roll-up door is used in the household or domestic sector. The Industrial Roll-Up door is made of a heavier metal and is therefore stronger than the Metal Roll-Up Door. The Industrial door can be made to almost any size.

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