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Inverted Box Rib (IBR) Roof Sheets

IBR roof sheets have been widely used for its aesthetic appeal and its robustness. Many warehouses, as well as modern homes, have used IBR roof sheets for side-wall cladding, not just for roofing. The sheets have an angled trapezoidal-fluted profile and is a much tougher sheet than the standard corrugated sheet. Once lapped, it covers 686mm in surface width.

The main appeal and benefits of IBR sheets are:

  • they are aesthetically pleasing
  • promotes proper drainage due to its angled profile
  • suitable for lower-pitched roofs
  • can be custom cranked to suit your (client’s) need

Roof Sheet Specifications

  • cover width of 686mm
  • suitable for 5deg roof pitch (up to 15m)
  • ±5mm tolerance on length
  • ± 3mm tolerance on width
  • lengths available from 0.3m – 13.2m
  • longer sheets (up to 20m) are available on special order
  • crank and reverse crank options available on request

Purlin Spacings

Please consult with a structural engineer regarding the purlin spacings as each application and requirement is different. Environmental factors play a role in the spacing placement as well. The graph below is intended to be a GUIDELINE only. 

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