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There are many add-ons after a home has been built, such as blinds, curtains and railings, wall art, painting and furniture. These add-ons are normally where the fun starts. The things to include in the house and make it feel like home.

There are many choices between blinds on their own – Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, and roman blinds. Not to mention the types of materials available for each category – wooden, aluminium, pvc! The choices are endless!

Deciding which floor cover to choose is just as important to the house as the faucets and kitchen cabinets. Choosing the wrong design or colour could be a costly exercise. But choosing the right colour will transform your house into the sanctuary you always thought it could be. View in-store for tiling, laminated flooring and vinyl flooring samples.

Choose from the different options available or take samples home for a feel-test. From the mountain of options you would be sure to find just the right design. Viewing samples in your home before committing to the design can sometimes be very beneficial as spaces look different from one place to the next. The amount of light cast into your home can make a grey feel warm, and a beige feel cold.