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Security Lights & Alarm Systems

Nothing catches someone more off-guard than a light suddenly brightening the whole yard when they are lurking in the dark. Pair that with a simple alarm system and you are sure the intruder will be heading for the bushes.

It is always better to know someone is on your property before they reach the borders of your house. With the simple alarm systems available there are great ways to protect your home. For instance, if an intruder comes within 5m of your house, you will be notified by a ringing alarm inside. The intruder might also hear this alarm and be scared off, or you might have some time to call security for help. The system is very easy to set up and requires only battery replacements from time to time. No wifi, no cables.

Another sure way of narrowing the break-in possibilities is by installing security gates. Between swing gates, sliding gates, or roller shutters, you are sure to find the gate suitable to your needs.

We might not always be able to stop someone from breaking in, but we can put preventative actions in place to help minimize the possibility.

If there are any specific items you might need, feel free to give us a call and we will source the items for you.

LED Floodlights 

Automatic day/night sensing, 50 000 hour lifespan, compact, robust, cost-effective, and energy-saving. 

Home Security Alarm Systems

Perfect for early motion or tampering detection.

Intercoms & Video Monitors

Gauge who enters your premises by means of an intercom system. Video monitoring options are also available.

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