PPC Cement SureBuild

PPC Cement SureBuild is a multi-purpose, general-use cement. It has many of the same properties and applications as the SureChem, but has a higher strength class over a 28 day period. In addition, less of the SureBuild is required to fulfill an application, compared to SureChem which has a strength class of 32.5. SureBuild is also suitable for DIY projects, paving, masonry products, concrete, plaster and so forth, 

  • Compatible with extenders such as limestone, fly-ash & blast-furnace
  • Strength class 42,5 N
  • SANS 50197-1
  • CEM II/A 42.5 N (extender content - 6-20%)
  • CEM II/B 42.5 N ( extender content 20-35%)