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Pratley Steel Putty 125g


Sets like steel
Colour matches steel
Can be machined

Sets in approx. 30minutes


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Pratley Steel Putty sets in about 30 minutes. Can cure under water. 
It is a medium to fast curing adhesive metal putty and is hand mouldable and incredibly strong. 
Can be filled, drilled, sawn, machined and painted. It matches the colour of the steel and is hard wearing.

Use for:

  • build up broken metal castings
  • make jewellery
  • seal metal water tanks, radiators , car sumps and fuel tanks,=
  • make knobs and handles for pots and doors
  • improve the look of welded joints
  • make fishing sinkers

Adheres to:

  • stone
  • metal
  • glass
  • cement
  • concrete
  • slate
  • wood
  • most rigid materials