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Tapered Pine Poles

Prices are subject to availability. Please enquire about stock before purchase. Free delivery for orders over R3000 in the Gansbaai surrounding areas. Free collection in store.

The tapered pile poles are suitable for construction sites and can carry a load. Please note the measurements at the thin end of the pole determines its class. If a Class 3 (80-99mm) pole is used, the measurement at the thin end will be between 80 and 99mm.

Sizes: (end diameter ranges):

  • 50-99mm
  • 80-99mm
  • 100-119mm
  • 120-139mm


  • 0.9m 
  • 1.2m 
  • 1.5m
  • 1.8m 
  • 2.4m 
  • 2.7m 
  • 3.0m 
  • 3.6m 
  • 4.2m 
  • 4.8m 
  • 5.4m 
  • 6.0m


  • Treatment - CCA H4
  • SABS 457 Specifications