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Swing Gates 

Your business needs to be secure, as does your home. Installing security gates help create a barrier between your safety and a threat at the door. It provides freedom having the front door open while you’re busy inside the house. Safety gates also assist with delaying a break-in effort. It is a necessity for businesses like petrol stations and jewelers, and businesses working with lots of valuable items. Eve if you have a holiday home which you don’t get to visit that often. This home also needs to be secure. Adding security gates in, and around, your house is a sure way of keeping lurking hands at bay.

If swing gates don’t fit the right purpopse for you, there are also other gates to consider. Sliding gates offer a great stack-away feautre which is very helpful in tight spaces.

Roller Shutters, or Roll-A-Door can create an extensive barrier around your property which makes it near impossible for robbers to enter your home. One of the better options for holiday homes.

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Features of a Swing Gate

The gate is fitted with:

  • tripple heavy-duty hinges
  • The locking mechanism is a choice between a slamlock with deadlock facilities, or a double throw deadlock, for extra protection.
  • All gates are custom made to your specifications
  • The frame: 25 x 25 x 2mm thickness, 10mm or 12mm infill
  • Decorative accessories are optional, so please be sure to specify on your inquiry
  • Gate are available in 100% hot-dip galvanising Choose between a range of UV protective colour coatings
security swing gate

Single Swing Gate with Decoration

security gate

Custom Made Security Gates

swing gate

Single Security Gate

Standard Colour Chart

Matt White

Matt Pear Blossom

Matt Aluminium

Matt Dark Grey

Matt TC Bronze

Matt Charcoal

Matt Black

Gloss White

Gloss Ivory

Gloss Sand

Gloss Yellow

Gloss Green

Gloss Light Grey

Gloss Dark Grey

Gloss Brown

Gloss Black

Gloss Red

Hammertone White

Hammertone Green

Hammertone Black

Hammertone Brown 

Hammertone Charcoal

security gate
security gate
security gate
security gate

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